Wednesday, January 25, 2006

160 BPM

That's not a reference to break-beat techno track, it's the sound of our baby's heart beat!

Elaine had her first real doctor's appointment this morning, which she was excited about because ever since the whole "+ or -" incident she wasn't going to be completely convinced that she was pregnant until a doctor told her so (and she was beginning to get pretty creative in her alternate explanations for all of her symptoms). I wanted to tag along to hear our baby's heart beat, and sure enough when the doctor placed the microphone on Elaine's abdomen we heard that heart beat thumping away at 160 beats per minute. A huge smile spread across my face, because how cool is it to hear your baby's heart beat for the first time, and Elaine was relieved that it wasn't a tumor.

After listening to the heart beat, our doctor took us down to use the ultra-sound machine. I hadn't realized that in addition to hearing our baby we were going to be able to see our baby at this appointment! The doctor slathered on some ultrasound jelly, she started scanning, and there was the baby right on the screen waving around its little arms and legs. And just like that this baby went from some abstract concept that made Elaine nauseous, to something much more real. Judging from the emotions that this little weather radar looking picture inspired, this is whole parent gig is going to be quite an adventure.


elise said...

wow wow wow wow wow!!!! i got the news from chris yesterday morning, and now that i've read all your non-disclosing posts i can officially say CONGRATULATIONS!! huge hugs to both of you, and the newbie. what exciting news. and you guys are amazing at keeping the secret! chris said that august is the month of expectation? my birthday is on the 11th and i know lots of fellow leos who'll be honored by a fawcett addition to the pride.

Allen A. Fawcett said...

thanks elise. i'm sure chirs is a bit disappointed we're not adding to the ranks of the aquarian brotherhood, but it's good to know there's a pride of leos eagerly awaiting our little one.