Sunday, March 12, 2006

Baby's First Rock Concert

Some expecting parents play Mozart for their unborn child, and while that would seem very appropriate in this the 250th year since Mozart's birth, we've taken a slightly different tack in our baby's prenatal musical exposure. Last weekend we took our baby to his or her first prenatal rock concert at the 930 club, a fantastic double billing of The New Pornographers and Belle & Sebastian, and I'd like to think our little peanut was rocking out to Testament to Youth in Verse, The Laws Have Changed, and The Stars of Track & Field. It's probably a bit of a stretch to believe that playing music for your unborn child will have any affect on it's intelligence, but I am holding out hope that we can affect our baby's taste in music. If only we were going to SXSW again this year, we'd really have a chance to turn our baby into a little hipster.