Thursday, March 22, 2007

Eggs, Owen, and the Equinox

Owen turned seven months old on Tuesday, which also happened to be the vernal equinox. Some conspiracy theorists out there have suggested that the spotty evidence of Owen standing up on his own coming out so close to the equinox is no coincidence. These doubters seem to believe that there are two things that can only stand on the equinox, eggs and Owen. Well loyal readers, I'm going to nip this urban legend in the bud. Eggs can be stood on their end on any day of the year, the myth persists because people only ever have the patience to do it on the equinox. As for Owen, the indisputable video evidence is now in, Owen can pull himself up. See for yourself.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A watched pot …

Owen just pulled himself up. Sadly, I had my back to him when he pulled off this amazing feat, and while I diligently spent the next half hour attempting to coax him back into an upright position, the best I got was ¾ height.

This all happened today at daycare. I had just finished nursing him, and sat him on the ground next to me in order to put a couple of things back in his cubby. When I turned back, he was standing up while leaning against an ottoman and smiling beatifically at me.

What’s interesting is that the same thing happened the first time he rolled over. I was standing over him in a pack-n-play at his great aunt’s house, had turned to say something to someone and when I looked back, he was on his back. It took a couple of days being around him 24/7 until I was actually able to witness him in all his glory.

So another milestones has been missed, not because I’m at work and not around him enough, but because I have slow reflexes.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Almost Crawling