Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Owen EP

Owen is really into singing these days. It's pretty adorable, take a look.

Track Listing:
1. ABC song
2. Mary had a Little Lamb
3. This Old Man
4. Ba Ba Black Sheep

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


At noon today Owen went through his 5000th diaper. Yes, we're still tracking...

I'm thinking of something orange...

The annual Red River Shootout took place over the weekend. For those not familiar with Longhorn football, that's when Texas plays Oklahoma at the Cotton Bowl to a crowd of 92,000. It's an epic battle, the sort of thing that you don't really want to watch alone, so Brad had the entire crew (Marlo, Mia, Brandon, Anneke, Andrew, Claire, Luke, and ourselves) over to watch Texas, despite a series of questionable calls, beat the Sooners and snatch their #1 ranking. To celebrate, it seemed only fitting to surround ourselves with all things orange, and so those of us with kids headed to Butler's Orchard to pick some pumpkins. Adorableness ensued.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

This Shirt is Chaffing Me

This past weekend was our annual F Street Block Party, and for the first time since we've been living here, we took full advantage of the festivities. It helps that Owen has a ton of friends on the block, and when you spend as much time playing on the sidewalk as we do, you can't help but get to know your neighbors a little better. Owen in fact feels so at home outside on our block that he insisted on taking his shirt off at the Block Party so he could run around shouting, "Owie Naked!" Fortunately our block is dominated by little boys. Unfortunately this wasn't the last party Owen would attend this week.

On Wednesday I took Owen to our annual EPA Climate Change Division Picnic, where despite temperatures that caused senior management to dawn jackets, Owen decided once again to strip down and alternately chase after little girls to give them kisses, and chase after senior management to tell them that he was naked. On the bright side, I work of the EPA where everyone dresses casually. I was too busy chasing after him with his shirt to capture a good picture of naked Owen, so this cute picture of Owen, Cole, and Sophie (three junior members of the Climate Economics Branch) will have to do.