Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rolling Over

On December 15th, Nora rolled over for the first time from her belly to her back. It happened at 11 am and was so unexpected that no footage was obtained at the time or even when she repeated the feat that night for father and brother. She then refused to do it again for over a month. The past few weeks it's made a return appearance, and on January 25th Nora even added the more difficult back to belly maneuver to her repertoire. Alas, Nora has abjectly refused to let us record it for posterity and lately has taken to waiting until we leave a room or turn our back to alter her poise. She's apparently the Snuffleupagus of the rolling over world.

But after a couple of intensive nights of filming we were finally able to capture the elusive Nora rolling from back to belly (we've given up on filming the belly to back thing entirely). It's not her finest work, there's a lot of teasing, and I find it maddening that once Allen took the camera away she was practically doing flips, but at least we finally have evidence to back up the baby book.


emilie raguso said...

this is AMAZING!! truly suspenseful!! also really neat to see how the body kind of breaks down actions. you two are great documenters.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Nora! You really know how to control the camera and your audience. We were definitely on edge and trying to help you. Congratulations!

Grandma Z