Saturday, April 24, 2010

All by myself

Allen was in San Francisco this past week. It was the first time he's been out of town since Nora was born. We survived...though it was a bit touch and go there for a while. Nora ingested some hosta leaves while I was talking to a neighbor and it wasn't until she threw up and developed explosive, green diarrhea that I realized something was amiss (fortunately they're not poisonous, but they're also not edible). In addition, Nora started teething in earnest which resulted in her waking up twice a night and Owen had an accident on the walk home from DOL which entailed my taking apart the stroller in order to clean it. I never made it to work before 9:30 am and the video I was going to make of Nora attempting to crawl didn't happen, but Owen's art project was finished, well balanced meals were eaten, baths taken, bedtime was largely adhered to and I didn't resort to alcohol until Friday night when Allen returned and the kids were safely in bed.

Now, if only he wasn't leaving for a work retreat later this week...

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elisepearson said...

Oh gosh, I totally feel for you! What an amazing job you did!!

H and I have been here on the west coast for nearly two weeks now. This transplanting wreaked havoc with night sleep (what night sleep?!?!). Food patterns have changed bigtime, too, so we've got plenty of variables to shift back towards normal here in a new home... But it's very happy to be all together again.

Hugs to all you guys!