Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three (little) Men and a (sick) Baby

We've been hosting playdates for Owen for about a year and during that time have instituted a serial monogamy approach to them, much to Owen's chagrin. It's not that we didn't understand the allure of having multiple friends over at the same time, it's that the idea of having more than 2 three to four year olds under our care induced panic attacks in us.

But a couple of months ago we had a brief visit from our neighbor Will during one of Owen and Leo's playdates which made me think that a more expansive definition of playdates might be feasible. Allen grudgingly agreed and so we invited both Leo and Brady over to our house last weekend for an afternoon of structured play. They seemed excited, their parent's were thrilled and the forecast was ideal to facilitate outdoor play.

And then Nora got a sinus infection.

We didn't want to cancel at the last minute lest we disappoint 3 little boys (and 4 parents) so we forged ahead. Shockingly, Nora wasn't too keen to watch Owen and his friends play baseball in the park with 102 degree fever (my theory that fresh air would bring it down didn't pan out) which meant abandoning Allen and the boys. They managed fairly well, with only one minor dispute before they returned back to our house for a snack and some fort/cave play. In the end, we survived and the boys enjoyed themselves, though Owen may have to wait until spring to play host again.

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