Sunday, April 10, 2011


IMG_0542 It was an odd year for the Blossom Kite Festival (formally known as the Smithsonian Kite Festival). Originally, it was supposed to be held on March 30th, but threats of snow resulted in its postponement until April 10th -- one day after the government was set to close. Fortunately the powers that be were able to come to some sort of accord allowing the Cherry Blossom Festival to continue (as well as our garbage to be collected and Allen & I to continue to earn livings), but they weren't able to do anything about the weather -- it was damp and there was a noticeable absence of wind. In our zeal to make the festival, we forgot a blanket to sit on (which made for some damp bottoms) and a part to one of the kites (which, along with the lack of breeze meant we weren't able to actually fly a kite). But while we weren't able to actively participate in the festival's main event, the kids still had a pretty good time trying. IMG_0523 (click here for all the pictures)

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