Friday, September 02, 2011

Shutdown Week with Mom Mom


Daycare closes each year the week before Labor Day which has traditionally meant that either Allen or I (or sometimes both) need to stay home with at least one of our children. This year, however, I had used up all of my leave for vacations and the many school holidays DCPS celebrates, and Allen had a number of meetings that he really couldn't take at home while hanging out with Nora.

Enter Mom Mom.

The newly retired Sharon Fawcett has managed to fill most of her weekdays with volunteer work, consulting and acquiring the latest in Apple technology. However, she generously offered to set aside 4 full days this week (I stayed home on Friday to take Nora to her annual physical) to watch her youngest grandchild.

Nora had a blast.

There were long walks, pushing her "baby" in her stroller as well as some new accessories for said baby. There were trips to the park and the zoo. There was even a leaf/rock/acorn collection excursion via tricycle. Nora and her grandmother became "ladies who lunch" and who also share the occasional milkshake. And there was even a handy iPad to watch Dora on while Mom Mom got a manicure.

In short, Nora was a pretty bummed to see her week with Mom Mom end, and I think Mom Mom enjoyed herself too. I'm just not sure Sharon's up for Owen's suggestion that she watch Nora everyday...

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