Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fairy Godmother


Cousin Caitlin -- goddaughter to Elaine, godmother to Nora, and friend to all -- was in DC for a conference from Thursday 2/23 to Wednesday 2/29. At least we think she was. Caitlin's itinerary involving early morning meetings and late night networking happy hours was largely at odds with the kids' sleep schedules, social demands and Nora's fever and lingering crankiness. This meant that our actual interactions with her were severely limited, despite Caitlin staying at our place for a couple of nights. We managed to squeeze in a family brunch with Caitlin and Molly on Sunday, but still didn't get a good picture of god-mothers and daughters after a nasty fall from a too literal interpretation of London Bridges left Nora with a big bump on her forehead and emotionally overwrought. As a result, we had to settle for a post-bedtime pic before Caitlin left to meet up with her classmates in order to have some record of her visit with Nora.

But on a happier note, Caitlin, Molly and I had a lovely time over drinks and a light dinner Monday night, dishing on the family, catching up in general and trying to convince Caitlin that a summer internship in DC would be pretty awesome...


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