Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bowling with the Browns


It was rainy and cold last weekend (or at least it felt cold after the 80 degree temps we'd had for much of the week) and we didn't have anything officially on the docket, so we decided to call up our friends the Browns and invite ourselves over. The original plan was to take the kids duck pin bowling again, but a church social (and hanging out a bit too long on Mia & Ben's new swing-set) meant that we could only get about 20 minutes of actual bowling in. This proved to be a stroke of luck as 20 minutes was just enough to fulfill our promise of bowling, but not long enough for any of our off-spring to seriously injure themselves while climbing on the ball return (though Ben and Nora tried their darndest).

It also meant that we were able to go to a real pizza place with a wood burning oven rather than partake in bowling alley fare, which made for a much nicer evening for everyone (except possibly those patrons that would have preferred to dine at the bar without the presence of four children).

(click here for the pictures)


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