Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kindie Rock


A few years ago, I happened upon an article on parent-friendly kid acts that featured Justin Roberts. Intrigued, I ordered "Pop Fly" which was extremely well received by our baseball loving son and soon was a must-have for our road-trips. We brought it to Iowa for Christmas where Uncle Dave noticed it and remarked that he'd actually gone to school with Mr. Roberts, who'd been a huge hit at their 20th reunion (particularly with the THRS off-spring). We later picked up "Melt Down" and have been known to have Justin Robert dance parties among ourselves on the weekends.

So imagine our delight when we found out that he was coming to town (or to Vienna, VA which is semi-close to town). We ordered tickets ahead of time (which was good, since all three shows sold out) and drove to the 'burbs right after swim lessons where we grabbed some lunch at Jammin Java and settled down in the front row.

It really was a great show. I'd requested "Pop Fly" online and was delighted when they came on stage and announced they were starting their set with a special request from the Zimmerman family. Owen was pretty excited, but quickly turned shy and later complained that it was way too loud. Nora was completely freaked out at first, but eventually got into it and was even dancing in the mosh pit by the end (as well as lifting her shirt which hopefully won't become a habit at rock concerts...).

We're hoping to catch him again this summer when Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players take the stage at Wolf Trap... and that the outdoor stage will insure that Owen doesn't hurt his ears rocking out.

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