Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Emancipation Day

Every year on April 16th, DCPS closes to honor the end of slavery in the District. I had decided that Owen and I would mark 150 years of emancipation by finally visiting the MLK Memorial (by way of the Tidal Basin in order to get a little paddle-boating in).

This seemed like a fine plan, however, I had not considered:

  1. Owen's love of the Botanic Gardens. We passed them after dropping Nora off at daycare en route to the metro. Owen wanted to stop immediately so we could visit the desert room (so he could instruct other visitors to not touch the cacti). I, knowing that the day was just going to get warmer and sunnier and that he had spent the previous Monday at the Botanic Garden, suggested we stick to my plan and then we could visit it on the way home. He agreed, but during every lull that day, Owen would restate his desire to be at the Botanic Garden.

  2. Once you are at the MLK memorial, it takes a really long time to get back to a metro stop, especially if you're walking with a 5 1/2 year old.

  3. That said 5 1/2 year should not be the one deciding whether an application of sunscreen was truly necessary.

In the end, we learned that:

  1. Paddle-boating is fun; Forced marches across the mall are less so.

  2. The greatest generation of Americans can also be the grumpiest if you use their water feature as a wading pool.

  3. Shade breaks are key (though they're more enjoyable when Herman Cain isn't speaking nearby).

  4. Never question Owen's love of foliage.

  5. Days off with Mommy are a lot more fun once you're reflecting on them at home with a Popsicle.

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