Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's getting hot in here...


It's been a rough first week of summer. First the AC went out in the car (it had actually gone out back in April when we returned from St. Louis, we had it serviced but they weren't able to find a leak in the cooling system, so they refilled the cooling fluid levels and wished us luck). Tuesday night we discovered the AC in the house wasn't working. Wednesday a heat wave hit DC, we weren't able to get anyone to come until the following day, and we lost power for 2 hours. Thursday the heat wave continued, and the heating and cooling guy informed up that while we needed to replace the AC and the furnace in order to get the system working properly, they wouldn't be able to do that until Saturday. It being our anniversary, we asked Molly and Caitlin to watch the kids so we could have dinner and they could hang out in our 87 degree home.

At least Nora and I have been able to escape the hear during the day, but Allen's had to stay home to meet with contractors and shuttle the car to its appointment and poor Owen is spending his days at baseball camp with only the occasional popsicle break and hosing down (plus some indoor breaks) to cool him down. Our thanks to the many family and friends that offered to let us crash at their places until the heat subsided and/or the AC was repaired, but we figured this was one of those character building moments (because clearly, what our children lack is character...) and that with enough popsicles and cold baths, we'd muddle through. I'm not sure the kids fully agreed.

Things are looking up. Friday brought clouds, rain and a cool front (a high of only 97!), the car got fixed (under warranty no less and hopefully this time for real) and Mom Mom invited us up for dinner (as well as sleeping, though we declined). Saturday the crew at Jiffy Heating & Cooling should be replacing our 30 year old furnace and nine year old condenser with the highly recommended Ruud system. Hopefully, Sunday will bring a return to artificial climate control and far more restful nights.

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