Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last day at Peabody


Thursday was Owen's last day of Kindergarten. It doesn't seem that long ago when we got the last minute call that he was accepted for pre-K at Peabody.  And if feels like just yesterday when our little boy started Kindergarten, but it really is amazing how much he's grown.  Looking back at the picture from his first day you see a little boy excited about having ridden his bike to school  for the first time, but still a little nervous, and oh so young.  He was wearing the same shirt on his first and last day, but his confidence had clearly grown, arms outstretched, a big kid on the Peabody Campus.  On the first day of Kindergarten all the kids shared their goal for the year, and wrote them down on a poster in the classroom.  Owen's goal was, "to read big words," and we're proud to say he's accomplished that and so much more. Thank you Peabody, we'll miss you.

(click here for the pictures)

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