Friday, February 22, 2013

Snowmass - 2013

Snowmass 2013

Two years ago we celebrated my birthday with our first ski trip to Colorado's amazing Snowmass with the Hyatt's, Pearson's and Billy.  We couldn't get the whole gang back together, but we did manage to meet up with Nabeel and Megan for another Snowmass adventure this year.  The kids were all a bit older, so Nora could go to ski school this time (and begged for more by the end); Liam graduated to the Grizzly Bears group, and was taking the lift and everything in class; Owen started taking on Blues (which are a little more challenging in Colorado than they are on the East coast); and Kaden spent his days skiing the blacks and learning moguls (he'll be better than all of us soon).

Some of the many highlights: We woke up on our second day of skiing to find nine inches of fresh powder at the top of the mountain and sunny skies to boot.  We took advantage of the great conditions and rode the High Alpine lift up to near the top of the mountain, and hiked up a little further to try our hand at some amazing powder on Upper Green Cabin.  On our third day we took on an even bigger hike up in order to ski down Longshot, the longest run in North America, then spent the afternoon cruising through the Aspens down around Two Creeks.  We had some amazing meals, a delicious lunch at Lynn Britt Cabin, and a phenomenal sushi dinner out at Matsuhisa in Aspen.  Nabeel broke out his fancy new camera, and took some amazing pictures.

Of all the days on the slopes, the most fun might of been our last. Owen and Kaden joined the adults on the slopes, and we spent the day on some challenging Blues, like the boys' favorite Bull Run.  It was really cool to see how Owen has taken to skiing, and pretty amazing that we can already spend the day skiing as a family, and not even feel like he's holding us back too much.  I guess we should enjoy it while it lasts, because it wont be too long before Owen and Kaden start leaving us in the dust (and really making Mommy nervous ;-)

It really was an amazing trip, and we're already starting to think about next time ... Whistler 2015 in British Columbia!

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Snowmass - 2013

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Elephants Cannot Dance!

As read by Nora Atchison Fawcett.