Saturday, February 08, 2014

And that's a pretty nice haircut...


Our children are not the most hirsute of people. Owen didn't receive his first haircut until he was well over 2 years old and with Nora, well, we've managed to hold off even longer.

At first it was because Nora didn't have a lot of hair. And then, since Nora's hair is so curly, it didn't seem like a lot. Eventually, we just became too attached to Nora's curls and feared introducing a barber to them would lead to their demise.

So we banned all scissors from her presence.

Time passed. Years passed and as her hair grew longer and longer, it became less and less manageable. Nora begged for her locks to be shorn. I argued that the time had come. But Allen remained steadfast... until I got Mom Mom on our side. And agreed to no bangs.

Allen conceded and I made an appointment for Nora at the children's salon upstairs from mine with Mom Mom joining us for moral support (and advice). She dutifully climbed into a car and watched Curious George while the stylist trimmed a little over an inch from her hair, collecting the fallen curls for me in a ziplock bag (which I promptly lost at Eastern Market).

Afterwards, we had a lovely snack at Le Pain Quotidien and did a little shopping before heading home to show Daddy Nora's new look. He totally approved.


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