Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pinewood Derby 2015

The Pinewood Derby is probably the highlight of the year for the Cub Scouts.  Last year, in his first Pinewood Derby, Owen made it to the semifinals.  This year we started construction over Thanksgiving with some help from cousin Kent and his bandsaw, and with a few new tricks up his sleeve, Owen built a car that was faster than his old one.  He finished second in each of his first three heats (his friend Lucas finished first each time with his fast & cool looking 'Toothless' car).  Owen advanced to the quarterfinals, but the competition was stiffer than last year, and he just missed out on making the semifinals.  Not too bad considering there were over 70 cars entered this year.

We had some extra fun this year building a dad car out of our extra Pinewood Derby kit, and a sister car out of the leftover wood from Owen's car.  Nora painted hers a teal color to match Elsa's dress from Frozen, and I built my car with a GoPro mount.  The GoPro car was a big hit at the Dad's race, they entered it into every heat for 'historical documentation reasons' ;-)  It was designed to be slow, so it would have cars in front of it to film, but it actually beat the super cool 3D printed flame car, and legitimately made it to the finals, where it had a great view filming the other cars from the back of the pack.


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