Sunday, May 03, 2015

And the Band Played On...

Owen had his second cello recital on Saturday afternoon (after he had helped to clean up the Sherwood Rec Center and had his little league game -- another win for the Pendragon Nationals!).  It's pretty amazing how far he's come given he's only been playing for eight months, and we were incredibly proud to hear his and the rest of the Level B Cellos' rendition of Mahler's Theme from First Symphony (a step up from December's Hot Cross Buns and in proper concert attire this time!).

The cellos were fourth on the program (after the harps, guitars and bass). Afterwards, Owen was off with his fellow musicians leaving Allen, Nora and I to enjoy the violas and a whole lot of violin performances. Nora had spent the entire concert sitting at a table next to us, writing a book about the things she loves. It had seemed like an ideal way to keep her both occupied and quiet, and it would have worked perfectly too had it not been for some precariously stacked textbooks. Unfortunately, as Nora reached for an errant crayon, the table tipped and 40 or so copies of "City of Magnificent Intentions" crashed onto the floor and the backs of the people in the row in front of her, while a bunch of five year olds played "Twinkle, Twinkle."

It made for a painful last 15 minutes of the concert, but once we were at dinner and the kids had chips (and Allen and I had margaritas), it became more of an amusing footnote in Owen's musical journey rather than a completely mortifying parenting failure. Mostly.

Congrats again to Owen for doing a great job and if you'd like to see more pictures, please click here.

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