Saturday, June 13, 2015

Graduation Day

Friday we gathered with Grandpa Fawcett, Mom Mom, Grandpa Don, Katherine and Lee to celebrate Nora's kindergarten graduation. It was bittersweet for us, because while we're happy that Nora's moving up to first grade at SWS next year and so proud of all she's accomplished during her time at Peabody, Nora's graduation means that the we'll be leaving a community that we've loved and been a part of since 2010, one that has nurtured both of our children in a way we can never really thank them for. One that we will truly, truly miss.

So, I was fully prepared to cry during the ceremony, and did tear up during the opening remarks by Ms. Houghton -- a kindergarten teacher at Peabody who's youngest child was also in Nora's graduating class who waxed poetically about all the emotions I was feeling.

But then came the performances.

In the three years that passed since our last Peabody graduation when Owen graced the stage, production value has apparently increased. We thought Ms. Rountree was being extremely optimistic when we heard her plan for the Brainiacs, but they pulled it off in stellar style and made it impossible to wallow in sentimentality (because of all the laughing -- and the cupcakes)

Congratulations to the Brainiacs and the Peabody Class of 2015. Go forth and conquer the world (and don't forget to wear sunscreen).

(To see all the pictures click here.)

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