Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day (An unrecorded history)

Funny story, I did a lot of planning for Father's Day. I planned on an outing to the Arboretum (ok, technically Aunt Katherine planned that, but I agreed). I planned on getting a picture of the kids with their Grandpa (because I couldn't find one earlier for facebook). I planned a dinner of ribs and two kinds of pie (strawberry-rhubarb and cherry!). I even planned gifts from the kids (a new swimsuit) and from me (a searzall and blowtorch -- which probably should have been from the kids). But I neglected to plan one thing: a picture commemorating Father's Day of Allen (you know, the man that commemorates everything) with his offspring.

My bad. So while I'm sure I will be hearing about this for some time, let me intersperse the rest of this post with classic pictures of Allen and his kids from this past year, and Owen's tribute to his father that we found in his writing journal.


We love you, Allen Fawcett, every day (and I promise I'll be better next year!). And to see all the pictures that Allen took on Father's Day, click here.

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