Thursday, September 01, 2016


Six started out rough. There was a new school filled with mean girls, a series of unfortunate accidents, lice, and a memory card not adequately backed up resulting in lost photographs and many tears. There were slammed doors and locked doors and sulking under the table because the universe is unfair. There were a lot of songs written with some very emo lyrics and evenings when we were not allowed so much as a good-night hug.

Nora eventually ignored the mean girls, asserted her personality because "why would you want to be like everyone else?" and still made new friends. Door slamming is banned, but door locking is permitted when one needs privacy, provided it's not overnight and the door is opened per Mommy's request (because she's short and can't reach the key on the frame and sometimes she legitimately needs to get into the bedroom). I still worry about the nature of her song lyrics, but she's assured Allen that the overall message is about female empowerment, she just hasn't completed them yet.

And so despite a difficult beginning, six ended up pretty amazing: Nora learned to ride a bike (nine months after breaking her arm while on training wheels). She lost her first tooth, skied using lifts and shifted from bouldering to climbing. Nora built a birdhouse and a robot; designed necklaces and Halloween costumes. She made it all the way to letter X on the reading scale.

And she did it her way, because if you're Nora, why would you ever want to be like everyone else? Happy birthday, baby girl. We love you so much and can't wait to see what you do at seven.

  1. "I am horrified but strangely excited."
  2. Don't think of it as delousing, think of it as a spa day!
  3. Despite Nora's assurances, people of New York, you should probably look elsewhere for driving instructors.
  4. "Can I tell you something?"
  5. Cool runnings isn't so much a movie as a lifestyle.
  6. The world runs very differently in funny land.
  7. On belay!
  8. "Turn out the light, because I'm princess of the night!"
  9. Ah, donuts.
  10. And in the words of Nora, "If you think about it, anything is possible."

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