Monday, May 24, 2010

So Much for Posterity

I've been catching up on Nora's baby book, a task I felt would be relatively simple for while I hadn't entered things in real time, between all the tracking, blog entries, and Facebook status updates, I figured we'd have some record of all her major life moments thus far. Apparently not. Between the Nora's camera shyness, the subjective nature of certain events and the fact that we typically don't give her bottles and so have no idea when she started holding them herself at daycare, there's a lot of missing data.

I've resigned myself to the fact that the best we can say is that Nora first sat up "the end of February, 2010..." and have decided to instead focus on the future. Specifically, scheduling Nora's firsts in advance so that there's no question as to when they transpired. With that in mind, we took Nora to her first National's game on Saturday (it was Mom Mom and Grandpa Don's first National's game as well if anyone wants to record that for posterity) and her first trip to the zoo on Sunday. She slept through most of the game (we left early due to rain) and was relatively indifferent to most of the animals at the zoo (though we suspect she might have been sulking as her father was enamored with the baby gorilla and as Nora is most definitely not swinging from "vines," she really couldn't compete), but it was a pretty good weekend nonetheless, especially for a "first-timer."

(click here to see the pictures including an adorable movie of the baby gorilla)

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Anonymous said...

Nora is so adorable - love the tongue! And Owen has grown into such a little man. Can't believe how big they are. Hopefully Don & I will get up there in August to see everyone. Love ya'll