Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sotano Over Exposed

Sotano at the Print Shop

Brad's band Sotano played an awesome kid-friendly show at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center on Saturday.  The space was a funky art-gallery/print-shop that really leant itself to some cool washed out over-exposed photos of the band that made it look like they were straight out of an 80's video shoot.  The kids had a great time dancing, and even got to do some cool silk screening projects.  Keep Calm and Rock On!

Sotano at the Print Shop

Sotano at the Print Shop

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Circus of Witches

Nora's been a frequent attendee of "Play in a Day Camp" the past couple of years, but while they have a lot of fun in those day camps, its hard to really stage a major production that captures the authors' vision in a mere seven hours (minus lunch and recess breaks). Summer camp, however, provides you a full week to settle artistic disagreements, shop scripts, re-writes, staging, dress rehearsals and what-not. This year was no different, with lights, music, costumes, audience participation and even refreshments with only a few technical glitches and missed cues.

And one very good witch.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Twelve :-)

A&E 12th Anniversary

Much like Mother's Day often does double duty with Elaine's birthday, Father's Day this year was double booked with our Anniversary.  After a lovely Father's Day brunch up at Mom Mom's, the kids went over to Aunt Katherine's house, so Elaine and I could celebrate our anniversary.  We had a lovely dinner at Marcel's, and went to the Kennedy Center to see Book of Mormon.  A wonderful evening to mark twelve wonderful years of marriage.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015


The Yards - Sophie's Farewell Party

It's a universal truth that as your children get older, you know less and less about their everyday goings on and who they get on with. I thought though at age five, I at least had a pretty good grasp of who was in Nora's inner circle. So imagine my surprise when Sophie's mom introduced herself two weeks before school ended stating that Nora and Sophie were really close and that it was so sad that they were moving back to England at the end of the school year and that they hoped Nora could join Sophie for a going away party at Yards Park. It's hard to say no to that, so we packed up the whole family and had a pretty amazing time meeting Sophie and wishing her a bon voyage.

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Monday, June 15, 2015


Sailing - June 2015

Our first sailing outing of the season. Not much wind, but we all had fun :-)

Sailing - June 2015

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Graduation Day

Friday we gathered with Grandpa Fawcett, Mom Mom, Grandpa Don, Katherine and Lee to celebrate Nora's kindergarten graduation. It was bittersweet for us, because while we're happy that Nora's moving up to first grade at SWS next year and so proud of all she's accomplished during her time at Peabody, Nora's graduation means that the we'll be leaving a community that we've loved and been a part of since 2010, one that has nurtured both of our children in a way we can never really thank them for. One that we will truly, truly miss.

So, I was fully prepared to cry during the ceremony, and did tear up during the opening remarks by Ms. Houghton -- a kindergarten teacher at Peabody who's youngest child was also in Nora's graduating class who waxed poetically about all the emotions I was feeling.

But then came the performances.

In the three years that passed since our last Peabody graduation when Owen graced the stage, production value has apparently increased. We thought Ms. Rountree was being extremely optimistic when we heard her plan for the Brainiacs, but they pulled it off in stellar style and made it impossible to wallow in sentimentality (because of all the laughing -- and the cupcakes)

Congratulations to the Brainiacs and the Peabody Class of 2015. Go forth and conquer the world (and don't forget to wear sunscreen).

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