Monday, February 15, 2010

Year of the Tiger

On Saturday night we celebrated Chinese New Year's and rang in the Year of the Tiger. I was born at the tail end of the Year of the Tiger in 1975, and according to Billy when the year of your birth returns, it is a very auspicious year. Well, it certainly has started wonderfully, we celebrated with some of our closest friends, Billy of course was back from China, Joe & Cate are here for the month with Gigi, and Chris & Elise are here with Hazel (although Chris was out of town for the party, quite auspiciously recording the first episode of 'Dan Vs.' the animated television show he created). The food was of course delicious, Mrs. Kung having out done herself again. Owen and Gigi had a great time dressing up in Owen's tiger costume and playing hide and seek. Hazel and Nora battled it out for who could look the most adorable. Chris' parents even came by to join the celebration. The next morning we met up with Joe, Cate and Gigi for brunch, and next weekend we're looking forward to Nabeel, Megan, Kaden and Liam coming into town from Boston. With such great friends to celebrate with, it certainly looks to be the start of a great year.


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