Monday, February 22, 2010

Better than a Tie


Sometimes the stars just align. Several months ago we learned that Allen's friend Joe was going to do a month's rotation at Walter Reed Hospital and would be bringing his wife Cate and their daughter Gigi to DC for the month of February. We mentioned this to Allen's friend Nabeel and his wife Megan when we saw them over Thanksgiving in the hopes that they and their sons, Kaden & Liam, could make it down some weekend for a mini-reunion. Meanwhile, Allen's friend Chris, his wife Elise and their daughter Hazel returned to the area for an indeterminate stay while Elise took some classes and Billy announced he'd be flying in from China for a week or so to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Which means, that despite four time zones, two hemispheres, six kids and a colossal snowstorm, we managed to have a grown-up dinner with Allen's closest friends in a private dining room at Nora's followed by a massive playdate the next morning with their off-spring. Not a bad belated birthday present if I do say so myself.

(click here to see Allen's pictures)
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Anonymous said...

What fun! Good to see the photo of everyone and all the beautiful next generation.

Mom/Grandma Z