Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Nora "Margret Grady" Fawcett

Memorial Day weekend brought the start of the summer pool season, and we took full advantage of the 90 degree plus weather to take Nora swimming for the first and second times. Our good friends Brad and Marlo (and Mia and Ben) invited us up to their pool on Sunday and Monday evenings for sandwiches/grilling and plenty of swimming with the kids. Nora didn't look all that pleased to be in the water, in fact she made her best "Margaret Grady" face and glared at the camera like her great grandmother, but eventually she warmed up to the idea of swimming. Owen was a bit more reluctant to jump in the pool than he was at the end of last summer, but he was happy to grab every flotation device he could find and start kicking away. On Sunday, Andrew and Luke joined us as well, and the kids got a bit more adventurous. Nora and Ben had fun in the little pool with Elaine and Marlo, and the Dads took the big kids into the big pool for plenty of racing, tossing, splashing, and fun.

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