Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Walking, Climbing, Riding

Nora's mobility has greatly increased recently. The week before her birthday she took her first steps. Just a few at first, and generally they were more of a controlled fall into Mommy or Daddy's arms, but she quickly gained her footing and started stringing enough steps together that "walking" really is the only suitable word to describe what she is doing.

She has also extended her range vertically by finally deciding to take on the task of climbing the stairs. While Owen started climbing the stairs soon after he started crawling, Nora was so uninterested in the stairs that we haven't needed to bother with the gate at the bottom of the stairs. Now she's discovered that when all the fun is upstairs, she doesn't need to ask to be carried up to join in, but can simply climb up herself. I guess it's time we finally start using that gate.

For her first birthday present, we pulled Owen's first birthday present out of Mom Mom's attic and gave it to Nora. She loved the scooter, and had no complaints about the hand me down present (although Owen had to be convinced that he's too big for it now). It's faster than crawling, easier than walking, and is all together the perfect mode of transport for our little one year old.

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Anonymous said...

So darling and so independent! Our little one is more and more like her Mommy every day. Grandma Z