Monday, January 17, 2011

Looks Who's Talking...

When Owen was 16 months old, we posted a "Year in Language" blog entry which listed the extent of his vocabulary at the time (or at least those words which we agreed were in fact words and a fair representation of what he intended them to mean). As Nora is two weeks behind Owen in the calendar year, we decided to give her a couple more weeks to round out her word list before we posted it and let the sibling rivalry officially begin (besides, we though the Facebook year in review was a bit more amusing). While Nora's list is slightly shorter, it has more multi-syllable words and also refers to more vices. We're not sure what to make of that...

  1. baa
  2. backpack
  3. bath
  4. blue's clues
  5. book
  6. bye-bye
  7. chocolate
  8. coat
  9. cracker
  10. dada
  11. hat
  12. mama
  13. meow
  14. moo
  15. more
  16. neigh
  17. no
  18. quack
  19. roar
  20. row
  21. shoe
  22. sock
  23. thank-you
  24. this
  25. that
  26. uh-oh
  27. up
  28. woof
  29. yes

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