Monday, April 04, 2011

Baseball is Back!


Spring is arriving here in DC in fits and starts -- we've had a few gorgeous days mixed in with lots of cold and rainy weather. Through it all, Owen has been on the hunt for signs of Spring, dutifully pointing out all the leaf buds and flowers he can find. Saturday brought Owen's first soccer practice of the year (which he actually participated in this time ;). Then on Sunday, Owen found one of the best signs of Spring yet: his first Nats game of the season! Josh and Teddy joined us to take in the rubber game of the Nat's first series of the season (and Jeff, Sommer, Brandon, Anneke and Assa came over to visit for a couple innings before going back to their sweet Washingtonian seats behind the Nats dugout). We finally had the painful conversation about how Josh Willingham and Adam Dunn were playing for new teams now, and Mike Morse and Adam LaRoche would be playing left field and first base this season, which Owen took surprisingly well. As for the game, the Nats new and improved defense forgot to show up, and they lost 11 - 2, but for Owen all that mattered was that we were at a baseball game together.


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