Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Easter

We've kind of gotten Easter down to a science. After realizing that we aren't 9 am mass kind of people (particularly if candy has to be searched for prior to attending) and 11 am puts us at Mom Mom's kind of late, we like to get up, search for eggs, have breakfast at the bagel place, go to St. Joseph's 10:30 am mass (instead of St. Peter's), cut out early (because to be honest, the kids and Allen aren't any kind of mass people at heart), head up to Mom Mom's, have another Easter egg hunt, and then have a lovely dinner before heading home.

For the most part, all went well. Sure, Owen sat on Nora's bunny ears before we even made it out of the house. And the fact that Owen would only look for plastic eggs (as opposed to real eggs which don't contain candy) made the egg hunt take a bit longer than planned. And sure, in retrospect we probably should have restricted their sugar intake a bit more (and maybe avoided Owen jumping up naked on the couch and announcing he needed to put on a show while Nora ran to the kitchen and peed on the floor). But all in all, it was a lovely Easter Sunday and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

(To see all the pictures, click here.)

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