Thursday, March 14, 2013

First Drawings

Nora's Drawing of Nora & Daddy - Mar 2013

Just a few weeks ago Nora through a full on temper tantrum because she could only draw "scribble scrabble."  She clearly had an idea in her head about what she wanted to draw, but couldn't quite get it on the paper.  Shortly after that something clicked, and she handed me the picture above, a wonderful picture of Nora (in her favorite color purple) and Daddy (in his favorite color blue). It reminded me of the first recognizable picture Owen drew (also of Daddy, but in orange), and when I looked back to see when he drew his picture I found that it was in March of 2010, just after Owen turned 3 1/2, the exact same age Nora is now.  It's neat how these developmental milestones line up sometimes.

Both of these pictures hang on the wall in my office now, to give me a daily reminder about how amazing it is to watch your kids grow, and that my kids see me as a short guy with a big nose ;-)

Owen's Drawing of Daddy - Mar 2010

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