Monday, June 03, 2013

Love All

Untitled Our new house is one block away from the Sherwood Recreation Center which happens to have a track (where the epic "race" took place) and a tennis court. The latter has proved to be a major draw for Owen who has initiated "Family Tennis Day" on Sundays -- I'm not sure if that's a nod to Wimbledon or a ploy to get out of church. We initially planned on making it a doubles affair with Owen and I taking on Allen and Nora, but Nora decided she prefers to be "ball girl" so Allen has had to defend his court alone. It has been interesting, as none of us are very good and the score-keeping has been rather liberal, but we're having a lot of fun and I'm hoping we actually keep this tradition up. Untitled

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Anonymous said...

PopPop would be so pleased that Owen wants to play tennis! Daddy was VERY good and tried to instill a desire in me, but I failed miserably. Yea Owen!

Love, Nana