Monday, September 30, 2013

September Round-Up

We blogged a lot this summer, and since we didn't have a working computer and/or were traveling for much of that time, we wrote a whole lot of blog posts in a small period of time. It was a bit draining. So after Nora's birthday party (which was after Nora's birthday, which was after school started which was after Owen's birthday party which was...), we decided we needed a break. A little time apart. To get some perspective on it all.

But now we're back, and complete with a highlights reel:

  • Nora started ballet/tap
  • Owen started another season of t-ball
  • We went to the last Nats home-game of the season (ok, technically the second to last -- they had to make up a rained out game afterwards, but ours was the last scheduled one).
  • The Nats were eliminated from the playoffs
  • Owen started cub scouts
  • and Allen and I took in a cultural event at the 9:30 club

And with that, we prepare ourselves for a fun filled October...

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