Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Break

Our initial plan for Spring Break involved a family trip to New York, but we hemmed and hawed and then lost our hotel deal and work for both Allen and myself became insane, at which point we decided to go with Plan B. Our hope was to find a camp both kids could attend together, but Nora was too young for most of the camps we looked at and seemed horrified by the one Owen was most interested in, so instead we went the divide and conquer route.

Owen caught the bus at Eastern Market where he headed up to Valley Mill Camp to spend his time canoeing, rock climbing, practicing archery, target practice and building an entire American Indian-inspired armory. After a beautiful first day, we worried that Tuesday's rain and Wednesday's snow would dampen Owen's enthusiasm for the great outdoors, but apparently that wasn't the case and by Friday he was singing camp songs and eating s'mores like an old hand.

Nora meanwhile headed to an Irish Dance camp. Most of the days involved some dancing, some art-and-crafts, a fair amount of free play, and some drama. On Thursday the campers staged, "The Leprechauns and the Castle" where Nora played a princess kidnapped by Leprechauns, found by fairies and saved by knights. Or something like that -- there weren't any spoken parts so it's subject to interpretation, but I'm pretty sure that's what they were going for. Regardless, she had a pretty good time.

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