Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Grandma & Grandpa Z


Grandma & Grandpa Z were in town for Owen's First Communion, though based on photographic evidence it appears they spent most of their trip with Allen. They got in Thursday night and as their sole son-in-law had Friday off and the weather was fairly glorious, they spent the day seeing the sites: the MLK Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the DC World War I Memorial, and some others. Afterwards they headed to Toki Underground for lunch, followed by some down time before the heavens opened up and the kids, myself and Mr. Brad Brown joined them.

We were planning on heading to the Nats game shortly after work (Brad was using an extra ticket), but a rain delay inspired Allen to make pizza, after which we headed to our glorious (though somewhat damp) seats. The kids, grandparents and I only lasted until the fifth inning (which, given the hour delay I thought was pretty good), but Brad and Allen stayed for the whole thing and even managed to get a foul ball out of it.

Saturday was spent with soccer, dance and baseball before we headed to Katherine's for a lovely dinner and garden show. Sunday was devoted to Owen's First Communion, and Monday we all went to work/school while Mom & Dad partook of the DC metro bus system and the Smithsonian Art Galleries.

I took off Tuesday so that I could spend the day with Mom & Dad before they headed back to Iowa, but sadly the elements (and the National Arboretum's schedule) didn't cooperate, and the day was largely spent driving around the monuments in the rain and playing boardgames (Dad won at cribbage; I won at the marble game; and mom was an excellent sport), before I drop them off at National for their trip back to the homeland.

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