Sunday, January 03, 2016

Christmas in MD...or was it New Year's


Since we had Christmas in Iowa this year, we delayed Christmas dinner at Mom Mom's until New Year's Eve.  We were planning on opening presents in the afternoon before dinner, but Katherine & Lee were having new carpet installed in their basement, and that process ran long, so we managed to fulfill Katherine's life-long dream of delaying the opening of Christmas presents as long as possible without going into the next year.

After dinner and presents, we went over to Katherine & Lee's to ring in the New Year, and we spent New Year's day lounging around their place, watching bowl games, and breaking in Lee's new kegerator.  That of course resulted in us spending a second night at aunt Katherine & Uncle L's, making sure we rang every last drop out of our celebrations this year.  The kids were thrilled of course, since there was a new puppy to play with (Vhagar, Falcor, Suggsy Suggs, or whatever his name is), and the grownups were all just happy the weekend was long enough for all the fun.  Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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