Saturday, April 09, 2016

Little League and Snow Storms

Hill's Kitchen Nats with Ryan Zimmerman

For Owen's little league opening day all the kids went down to the dedication of the new Ryan Zimmerman field.  Ryan Zimmerman, Dusty Baker and Screech were all there taking team photos with the kids, so we were of course thrilled to be there.  The weather wasn't thrilled to have us though, right after we finished taking pictures a wintery mix started to fall on us.  The big leaguers were all under a tent with the Mayor for the speeches and the dedication ceremony, but all the little guys had to stand out in the outfield, so we bailed right after the team picture.  Pretty sure that was the only part Owen was really excited for, so no harm done.  Now time to start the new season, go Hill's Kitchen Nats!

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