Friday, April 29, 2016

Kennedy Center

SWS at the Kennedy Center

Mr. James has been doing amazing things with the SWS 4th grade Orchestra.  Most of them started as complete beginners this year, and they actually sounded pretty good at the Winter Concert.  Now their latest accomplishment is playing a song they wrote in class at the Kennedy Center!  Parents weren't allowed to go, as there were many school groups performing and watching each other, but I was able tag along as a roadie, hauling basses and cellos to the concert.  Owen was especially excited as he was picked to play the cello solo.  Their song was a variation on twelve bar blues, and Owen's solo was meant to be an improvisation, which of course he loved.  I could write all sorts of things about the concert, but really it's best to leave it in Owen's words.
"I felt like during the rest of the song I had to keep my skills contained, but during my solo my skills were unleashed like the Hecatonchires breaking out of Tartaros to wage war against the Titans."

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