Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feels Unlike the First Time

We don't coddle our children. Sure we buy organic food, have a dvd player in the minivan and our toy to furniture ratio is somewhat askew, but dammit, when we decide it's time for our baby girl to start daycare we make her sit in a stroller in less than 30 degree weather for the 1.67 mile trek to the Department of Labor.

In our defense, both kids were pretty well insulated from the elements and Nora actually slept the entire walk in. She continued sleep even after I dropped Owen off and so Nora and I hung out in my office for another 45 minutes until she woke up. We headed down to Ms. Kita's room and settled her in just in time for a walk with her classmates (inside, because it was less than 32 degrees and DOL's daycare apparently does coddle our children). We nursed and played for a while, she slept, we nursed again, and then she joined me for a discussion of health insurance coverage of part-time workers before we grabbed her brother and headed home (she slept through that commute as well).

Nora took the whole day in stride, and while her sleep was a bit off (1.67 miles doesn't equal all that long of a nap), she seemed surprising chill about being separated from her mother for extended periods of time (if one considers an hour an extended period). I for the most part was too distracted by a backlog of queries to pine away too much. Really the most traumatic part of the day was returning home and realizing that I'd lost one of Nora's first shoes in the flurry to leave.

Owen's first day was definitely harder on both mother and child, though the fact that Allen was in Japan at the time might have been a confounding factor. Regardless, Nora and I are staying home for the next few days and regrouping before we venture back to DOL on Friday -- when the weather is predicted to be a balmy 50 degrees.


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