Friday, March 12, 2010

Nora Sitting

The status of Nora's ability to sit-up has been source of contention for weeks now. Allen claims she's been able to sit upright since late February; I've been less generous. Allen is an eternal optimist and so the fact that when placing our daughter in a sitting position she didn't immediately topple over clearly meant that she was now a sitter. To me, the fact that she did topple over shortly thereafter meant she was not. (We had a similar debate when Owen was at this stage.)

But now Allen has proof that our little girl has indeed mastered the art of sitting (or at least was kind enough to wait until after he stopped recording to fall).

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Anonymous said...

Oh, she really looks like her beautiful mother. Such a pretty girl. Can't wait to get our children together again...Colin still remembers baby Owen coming to visit.

Big hugs to all,