Saturday, March 20, 2010


Shortly after Nora was born, Owen's best friend Leo's parents invited Owen over for a playdate. Owen had an amazing time (there was a farmer's market and ice cream involved) and immediately informed us when we picked him up that he wanted Leo to come see his room. So the next month Leo came over and had such a great time playing fort that he had Owen over again the following month. Back and forth they've gone for months, playdate steadies with mostly happy results.

Then one day, Owen started asking if he could have his other best friend, Sophia, over. We eventually extended an invitation and were able to coordinate a date with her mother. It did not go quite as well. At some point Owen knocked a tambourine off the ottoman and it hit Sophia. She demanded an apology; he refused. Things deteriorated from there. In the end, Sophia announced that she never wanted to return to Owen's house (though her mother has invited Owen over there) and Owen has started arresting Sophia at daycare because she doesn't want to come back to his house.

But what's worse is that while Sophia was "playing" at our house, Sophia's mom ran into Tadashi's mom and mentioned that Owen and Sophia were having a playdate. Tadashi has apparently never had a playdate and so now they would like to coordinate one. Meanwhile Owen now wants to have Chloe (whom I haven't even met) over and Fiona informed Allen when he dropped Owen off one morning, that she wants me to call her Mommy so we can arrange a sleepover.

Which is why we never should have "cheated" on Leo in the first place...

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