Tuesday, April 06, 2010



We didn't get tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll yet again this year (we were informed via an e-mail addressed to "lotterylosers"), but the kids didn't seem to mind. We dyed Easter Eggs Friday night with Aunt Katherine, "Uncle L," Makalya and Grandpa Fawcett. Saturday I took them to the Egg-stravaganza at Lincoln Park where in addition to getting a balloon hat, fishing, bowling and playing with bunnies, Owen managed to get just one egg from the dirt field covered with eggs and preschoolers (in his defense, Allen was home and since Nora was sleeping in the stroller, Owen was left to his own devices in his inital foray and all the eggs were gone within 2 minutes).

But fear not, the Easter Bunny visited our house Sunday morning and Owen's only competition can't crawl quite yet. After bagels and church (where Owen met an imposter Easter Bunny) we headed to Mom Mom's where there was a hunt for Easter baskets with Makayla and then a full on Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by Nancy, Danny & Christopher. Afterwards, Owen spent much of the afternoon lounging in the hammock or else digging in the dirt while Nora took a much needed nap. All in all, a beautiful Spring day and a lovely Easter.

(click here to see all the Easter pictures)

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