Tuesday, December 28, 2010



While Allen is on detail to the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), he has made it his goal to take advantage of every possible perk associated with his proximity to the Executive office. However, because he is only on detail for six months, we've had to fit all of these activities into a very short span of time. They have ranged from the very cool (such as seeing Hair from the Presidential box at the Kennedy Center) to somewhat excessive (such as two tours of the White House in as many weeks).

My personal favorite, however, has to be bowling at the White House Bowling Alley (which is actually located in the basement of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building). Not only was it kid friendly (we had the place to ourselves and so I actually didn't worry about the kids wandering into forbidden territory and requiring a Secret Service intervention), but we were able to invite a large crew to join us, and it was enough of a novelty that even those friends that spend a lot of time at White House meetings (specifically Nancy), were pretty excited to go.

Of course, Allen won (though I did manage a second place finish in shoes two sizes too large), but I had a good enough time that we might try to squeeze in one more trip before his service officially ends in March.

(Thanks to Katherine, Lee & Makayla, Mom mom and Grandpa Don, Aunt Jen and her friend Joanna, and Nancy, Danny & Christopher for making the night so great.)

(Click here to see all the pictures.)

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