Sunday, December 19, 2010

White House Holiday Tour


Setting up White House tours is one of the perks of working in the EOP. Ordinarily, when you set up an East Wing tour for people, you can flash your badge and be whisked to the front of the line. Once the White House is decked out for the Holidays though things change, the public line disappears and all of the EOP comes out for the tour. Well, I didn't want to miss out on my first chance to see the White House at Christmas, so I took the family and we braved the cold waiting in an hour and a half long line for the privilege. Elaine of course was a bit jaded about it all (she went on a White House Holiday tour during the Clinton administration, back when they had no security, no lines, and lots of cookies), but she put on a brave face and indulged me and the kids. Even with all the cold and the waiting, I'm glad we went. Owen loved the Red Room, Nora loved the singers, and I think we all still feel a little bit awed visiting the President's house for the Holidays.

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