Monday, September 05, 2011

Nora's Party


Second birthday parties are my favorite. First birthdays are adorable, and watching your child's first experience with cake can be endlessly entertaining, but the concept of a birthday is still beyond a one-year-old's grasp. At three, birthday parties become all about the friends. Watching the amazing amount of energy they can expend running around on a sugar high is quite the sight, but it's not really a party designed for adults to enjoy. Second birthday's however are right in the sweet spot. All the adorableness of a newly minted two-year-old saying, "I'm two!" and "my BirthDay!" but the guest list can still be made up of our friends and family.

We threw a party for Nora's second birthday at our house on Saturday, with friends & family, and beer & burgers. Nora had a blast, and we had a great time too. What more can you ask for. Happy birthday baby girl!

(click here for the pictures)

(click here for the far more dysfunctional party edition of Happy Birthday)

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