Friday, January 27, 2012

In the immortal words of Nora Fawcett...

In January three years ago, we had a post of some of our favorite, "Owenisms" -- random things Owen had said that were adorable or phrases that had become a regular part of his vernacular. We had decided to do it as a "Year in Review" post and as such, had a running tally that we added to and refined over the course of several weeks.

We didn't do that with Nora.

Partly because Nora's been more verbal at an earlier age than Owen was, that by the time we started writing stuff down, it seemed pretty rote. Partly because Nora mimics her beloved older brother so much that a lot of her phrases are really Owen phrases. And partly because what makes Nora's comments so endearing isn't necessarily what she says so much as the way she says them (there's a lot of singing and exclamation points).

But for the sake of equality and posterity...
  1. I LOVE Uncle Dave.
  2. I’m Ladybug girl.
  3. I don’t have any poopies.
  4. I want mines!
  5. Go away, Mommy! I want Daddy tuck me in.
  6. I want snack!
  7. It’s my birthday.
  8. I got a lollipop!
  9. Don’t go breakin’ my heart...
  10. I’m the baby robot and you’re the Mommy robot.
  11. I’m awake.
  12. Baby, baby Crockett...
  13. We’re going to outer space!
  14. I have a little gas. Do you have gas?
  15. Argh…Where are all the peoples?
  16. Thanks for cooking, Mommy.
  17. I have blue and Owen has blue eyes and Daddy has blue and Mommy has brown eyes.
  18. I’m so pretty.
  19. I need the happy face.
  20. Can I have Baby Jesus?
  21. I’m swimming!
  22. Bon appetite!
  23. I go to church.
  24. Can I watch Dora?
  25. Tickle me!
  26. My favorite colors are purple and pink.
  27. I want to fly.
  28. I’m so big.
  29. Waaa…I want a tissue.
  30. You have cold hands.
  31. I’m spinning!
  32. I don’t know.
  33. Silly, Nora.
  34. I need a wipe.
  35. I’m Wonder Woman and Owen’s Superman and Daddy’s Green Lantern and Mommy’s Batgirl.
  36. Yee-Haw!
  37. Thanks for setting the table, Owen.
  38. I want to sleep a little longer.
  39. Can I have my crocodile be-be?
  40. I’m not sorry.
  41. Want to see me do something cool?
  42. See my cool cool tower.
  43. I LOVE my big girl bed!

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I LOVE cupcake time!