Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Girl Bed

We've been talking about moving Nora into a "big girl bed" for a while. Unlike her brother at this age, Nora hadn't managed to climb in and out out of the crib and had shown little inclination to do so. However, having inherited her brother's drop-side crib (which itself was purchased "used" and is now banned by the Consumer Product Safety Division), we've been a bit anxious to move her into a berth with less of a body count.

So we measured and searched on-line to find the perfect bed that would fit in her room and provide some much needed storage. Alas, we discovered after Allen had fully assembled it on Friday that we'd been misled about the dimensions (and forgot about the headboard jutting out) resulting in the bed overlapping Nora's door frame and a 3 inch gap between Nora's bed and the wall.

We're working on some modifications to make the bed a little more room friendly, but in the meantime Nora is pretty excited to be sleeping unencumbered and informed me, while I was bemoaning my baby girl no longer being a baby, that "[She's] not sad."

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