Saturday, February 25, 2012

Katherine on Skis!


President's Day weekend here in DC turned out to be incredibly warm and beautiful out -- too warm, really, for winter sports -- but Owen and I wanted to get one more day of skiing in this winter, so we decided to brave the balmy weather and go to Whitetail.

Now this was no ordinary day skiing. Aunt Katherine was in town for a 10K on Saturday and didn't have to go back to Ohio until Tuesday, so we saw an opportunity. Katherine had never been on skis before, and thought she never would be, but Owen was very persuasive, and we talked her into joining us.

The lines were long, and the snow was slushy, but the weather was gorgeous and we all had a great time. Owen gave Katherine lots of pointers, and she caught on pretty quickly. Katherine even talked Uncle L into giving skiing a try sometime. Now we just have to get her on a real mountain with some real snow, and we may just have a convert.

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