Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Springs


We didn't have any big ski trips out West planned for 2012, but we couldn't let the winter go by without getting in some skiing. Once we saw that Owen had a four day weekend over my birthday, we decided it was the perfect opportunity for a little East coast ski adventure, so we rented a condo right on the slopes at Seven Springs in Western Pennsylvania.  This winter has been incredibly warm, and the week leading up to our ski trip was no exception as the temperatures in DC were pushing 70 -- not exactly prime skiing weather.  We weren't surprised when our first day on the mountain brought warm weather, and just a smattering of man made snow.  But this was plenty for the kids: Owen hit the lifts in ski camp, and Nora kicked off the day with her first ski lesson.  Nora was a bit nervous at first, but she had great balance on her skis, and she did an amazing job cruising down the little slope.  The speed scared her a little bit, but not so much that she didn't want to ride the magic carpet and do it all again!

After the warm weather on our first day, a storm rolled in and it snowed all day on my birthday. The snow was heavy and wet, so we were all a little soaked after a long day of skiing, but the storm brought about five inches of snow to the mountain, along with a healthy dose of winter beauty, and of course opening up a bunch of new trails.  Nora skied with us in the morning, showing off her new skills, and Owen spent the day in ski camp before skiing with Daddy at the end of the day.  Elaine and I took advantage of our time without the kids for a little skiing on our own, and a lovely birthday lunch at Helen's.

Our last day on the slopes was Super Bowl Sunday, and the weather cleared up for a beautiful sunny day on the newly snowy mountain.  Owen spent the day skiing with us before having a private lesson in the afternoon.  He took on a few intermediate blue slopes, and started speculating about when he would be a better skier than Mommy ;-)

Hopefully we'll make it out West for a ski trip next winter, but this was a great little trip, and I have a feeling we'll be doing it again on our next 'off' year.

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